For both kinds of creation, be sure you are both physically and spiritually cleansed. Be sure to take part in immersion at a mikvah. Everyone prefers a clean kitchen.

Creating a golem from clay:

Creating the golem from clay will take several hours. Be sure to start early in the day.

Read the ingredients

  1. While wearing the pure white robes, mix the clay with the dust and water until you have a slightly malleable substance. Be sure to not use so much water that the clay can no longer hold its form. Be sure to save some of the water.

  2. Use your bare hands to carve the figure of the golem in the clay. Pray to God for success while forming the clay. If the clay begins to harden as you're still molding, sprinkle it lightly with some of the purified water.

  3. When you've finished the form of the golem, let the statue stand for a few hours to harden slightly.

  4. Using the writing instrument, enscribe in Hebrew the word for truth, EMETH, on the forehead of the statue.


Creating a golem from air:

Creating the golem from air should take approximately 30 minutes of unbroken concentration [*].

Read the ingredients

  1. First, combine each Hebrew letter with all of the other letters except itself starting from the beginning of the alphabet. Do not recite those pairs that are mirror images of previously recited pairs (e.g. aleph-bet, bet-aleph). This should give a following sequence (using English letters):
    AB, AC, AD, AE, AF...
    BC, BD, BE, BF...
    CD, CE, CF...
    There will be 231 basic letter pairs or gates.

  2. Then combine each Hebrew letter with all of the other letters except itself, but start from both ends of the alphabet. Again, don't recite the pairs which are mirror images of other pairs. You should get a sequence like the following:
    ZA, YA, XA...
    ZB, YB, XB...
    ZC, YC, XC...
    This will yield another 231 letter pairs or gates.


* This calculation assumes the speaker takes two seconds to recite each letter, of which there are two letters for each pair and 231 pairs which must be recited forward and back.